The Problem

How do I map my ideal description of a customer with the targeting options on Facebook and Google? These platforms offer trillions of options to find your ideal customer, but "I have no idea about the age/gender/interests/hobbies/etc for my unique business." And the worse part: oftentimes, your assumptions for your audience are wrong. Step One Growth allows businesses to find your perfect customer.

Existing Solutions

To solve this problem, Facebook and Google have both created automatic targeting options. For Facebook, these are called “lookalike” audiences. Facebook will automatically find people who have similar profiles to the business’ current users (from email/device ID/pixel/SDK mapping).

These tend to be effective. But at the end of the day, these audiences give businesses no real information about their consumers. Do older or younger age groups tend to make more purchases? Which keywords and interest groups are linked to the lowest cost per acquisition? None of this is available when using black-box algorithms on current advertising platforms.

Step One Growth

A software to target many groups and find target audiences for businesses.

Step One Growth is an ad tech software that crawls your website to find a list of keywords. It then uses keywords to find related and relevant interest targeting groups on Facebook and Google. It automatically segments groups by age, gender and keyword, so that companies get the best data possible.

This is the difference between saying “my ideal customer is a woman” and “my ideal customer is a woman age 25-34 who reads Oprah Magazine and watches Jersey Shore.”

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